Christmas and New Year: 3 easy flower decoration ideas

Christmas and New Year: 3 easy flower decoration ideas

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Setting up a pretty table for the holidays is a special exercise.

Follow the advice of the Dutch Flower Office / La Joie des Fleurs to delight your guests.

An ultra-floral table Merry Christmas

Preparing the Christmas atmosphere means creating a warm atmosphere, rich in emotions and times of sharing. Likewise, the table can show this overflow of joy: collapsing under a mountain of plant decoration, it symbolizes all the hugs and love of your family.

How to do ? On a plain, earth-colored or golden tablecloth, arrange large aralia leaves that will lay the base of the decoration as well as moss here and there (or small pots ofhelxine). Gather all kinds of natural elements like bare branches, fir branches, pine cones ... then add flowers oforchids in clusters or individually, ferns and even, why not, succulents and hellebores. This is a table that looks like something out of a fairy tale, especially if you add a few candle holders and kokedama suspensions on top!

As for the dishes, play on the contrast by arranging vintage blue and white plates that will breathe life into the whole.

A designer Christmas tree bouquet

To decorate the room like the centerpiece, this floral arrangement stands out as a "nature sculpture".

How to do ? In a medium-sized square vase, ideally in smoked glass, gather branches of flowering orchids, lily, arums, roses, freesias, nerins, viburnum and santinis, all in different shades. Add some foliage, branches ofilex (with its red berries ideal for the end-of-year decor) and the detail that makes all the difference: a large branch spray-painted with copper or gold paint.

The result: a very graphic ensemble that the geometric tassels complement superbly. Here is a nice alternative to the traditional Nordmann!

Flowery cutlery

The floral decoration down to the detail! This idea completes the floral arrangement that you will have delicately arranged in the center of the table, and perhaps even replaced if you receive many guests and you want an airy table.

How to do ? Wrap the cutlery in a pretty napkin in the colors of your holiday decoration, tie with a ribbon and simply slide a selection of calla, ilex, fruits ofrose hips, phalaenopsis (more commonly known as an orchid) and euphorbias.

Variations are of course possible with any other flowers you like: chrysanthemums, hellebores, amaryllis, winter jasmine... and even branches of thyme, of fir (but be careful with the resin) or sticks of cinnamon !

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Visual credits: 1. Merry Christmas: © Dutch Flower Office / LaJoieDesFleurs 2. Design Christmas tree-style table bouquet: © Dutch Flower Office / LaJoieDesFleurs 3. Covered decoration: © Dutch Flower Office / LaJoieDesFleurs

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