Choose a glazing adapted to your needs

Choose a glazing adapted to your needs

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For a perfect acoustic and thermal insulation of your home, think about changing your glazing and entrust their installation to a professional.

Not only will he be able to advise you on the model that best meets your expectations, but as an RGE craftsman, he can provide you with a tax credit.

Change the glazing for better thermal and acoustic insulation

Why change the glazing? To save on your energy bills: openings are responsible for 15% of heat loss. Installing double or triple glazing can significantly improve the thermal performance of your home.

The double glazing has two panes of 5 mm thick, separated by a 10 to 15 mm cavity which reduces heat loss and reduces noise pollution.

Calling on a professional glazier: considerable advantages

For the installation, call in a professional who will be sure to take the correct measurements of the window. In addition, after installation, the glazier takes back the old glazing and recycles it. The installation by an RGE craftsman can open a tax credit of 15% for the energy transition 2019 (CITE), within the limit of 670 € per equipment (frames and glass) for the installation of glass walls (double or triple) in replacement of single glazing, for any main dwelling, without income conditions.

The artisan glazier can also come and help you urgently to repair damaged double glazing, broken glass ...

Choosing the right material for the frames

A professional will be able to advise you on choosing a glazing corresponding to your needs: solar control, tempered glass, smoked glass, etc. He will also guide you on the choice of material for the frames (PVC, wood or aluminum).

Good to know: Aluminum is certainly a little more expensive to buy, but it is very durable. It also offers a wide range of colors for a contemporary and design decoration. PVC windows offer very good value for money, and wooden windows bring an authentic character to your home.

Maintain the glazing properly

For maintenance, grandmother's remedies work well: newspaper, a little white vinegar diluted in lukewarm water, and your window will regain its shine! On the other hand, do not clean your windows in the heat or direct sunlight to avoid squeegee or rag marks. Little tip: wash your windows at night.

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