Plant shredder: all you need to know to make the right choice

Plant shredder: all you need to know to make the right choice

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It is often in the fall, when the pruning of trees and shrubs creates mounds of branches and branches, that the question of buying a wood chipper arises.

The end of the authorization to build a large fire to burn everything or the proximity to one's neighbors often proves the purchase of a mulcher.

Among the wide choice, in terms of price, quality and energy, which is best suited for your garden?

First selection criteria

The first question to ask is about the amount of plants that will have to be crushed.

  • Evaluate the branch volumes to grind
  • Measure the branch size to be pruned because the mulcher is not the same if it is a small hedge as large trees with large branches
  • Estimate the frequency of use (1 to 2 times a year, every 2 years, etc ...)

Second, practical questions also deserve to be asked.

  • Or store the grinder ?
  • Do i have a mode of transport of the trailer, van or my only car type will it suffice to transport it?

Selection criteria for the purchase of a plant shredder

The purchase of a plant shredder raises various questions regarding technical constraints.

Whether it is the type of energy (gasoline, electric) used, the power required, the cutting system or even the branch diameter tolerance, these are all criteria that must be taken into account in your decision.

Power of the mulcher motor

The size of your garden has little influence on the capacity of the motor because it is what you have to shred that matters.

If you have a large garden consisting mainly of a lawn and a hedge that you never trim, you will not have the same needs as one that has a smaller garden with orchard, shrubs, roses and hedges trimmed at least 1 twice a year.

So the more you will have to use your grinder and the more it will be necessary to insist on product quality.

  • Choose a thermal grinder (gasoline) for a regular use
  • Go for a electric grinder for a occasional use of your mulcher

Cutting tolerance for branch diameter

The larger the diameter of the branches, the more it will be necessary to choose a high capacity shredder. If this seems logical, you should also know that you have to take a margin of tolerance so as not to obstruct the orifice and not force the motor.

  • If the diameter of your branches does not exceed 30 mm, opt for a 40 mm tolerant shredder
  • Prefer a heat engine if you have large quantities of large branches to chop

Noise level of mulchers

The noise level of mulchers is expressed in dB decibels and this can have an influence on the act of purchase.

Whatever the level given by the manufacturer, the silent wood chippers do not exist and a helmet of ear protection is necessary in order not to damage your hearing system.

It is unnecessary to recall that "good neighbor" rules must be observed, namely daytime use and respecting the rules imposed by the municipality in terms of noise.

Weight of mulcher

The more powerful the motor, the greater the weight of your shredder. As well as Thermal grinders are heavier than electric grinders.

The weight thus varies more or less from ten kilograms to more than 40 kg.

  • Think about the fact that it will have to be moved and that your physical condition can therefore be important

The safety of mulchers

Today, all plant shredders sold in France and Europe meet strict safety standards which should not therefore worry you.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to respect certain rules to avoid any accident:

  • Systematically use gloves
  • Wear some Protective glasses anti-projections
  • Born never put your hands beyond the rubber part intended to secure the orifice
  • A branch pusher is usually supplied with the mulcher, use it!
  • In the event of a jam, always switch off the grinder and disconnect the power before handling the device

Use of the shredded once the plants have been shredded?

This mash is very useful, do not throw it away!

It is indeed a great mulch which will form a layer of a few centimeters on all your beds.

  • This prevents or delays the growth of weeds
  • Decomposition allows natural fertilization of your soil
  • You protect the roots from the cold in winter and you maintain humidity in summer

Here you are well informed for the purchase of your mulcher, do not hesitate to leave us your comments, your opinions and your experiences regarding your own purchases!

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