Spring bouquets

Spring bouquets

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Daffodils, hyacinths and tulips monopolize the florists' stalls.

Pretexts for so many spring bouquets, in the manner of the great Dutch master, Rembrandt.

500 varieties of narcissus

The narcissus is native to the Pyrenees, the Alps and the Mediterranean region. There are some 500 varieties of which only 250 are currently cultivated.

We classify them as 4 groups : trumpet daffodils, large petal daffodils, doubles and Tazetta or multi-flowered daffodils.

The yellow narcissus is the traditional Easter flower. There are also some white or orange varieties. Do not mix narcissus with other cut flowers as their poisonous stems will cause them to wilt.

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Scented hyacinths

Hyacinth, native to Central Asia, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon is a very fragrant seductress, used in perfumery.

The most common colors, white, pink or purple, are now supplemented by yellow. The quality of hyacinths has greatly increased since being marketed with the bulb on the stem.

With its attractive colors, it goes perfectly with all spring bouquets. Try it with roses and tulips. It is also appreciated in bridal bouquets.

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The tulip, symbol of Holland

The tulip is the very symbol of Holland. It is represented in a number of tables. Yet, originally, the tulip was anything but Dutch.

About 400 years ago, herbalist Clusius brought it from Turkey to Holland, where it first flowered at the Leiden Horticultural Society. In the XVIIe century, it was the object of a veritable madness, some new varieties being able to reach thousands of guilders.

In the tulip market, single and double flowered varieties take the lion's share, but lily tulips, tulips parrots and tulips with fringed edges have their followers.

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