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Magret, the favorite dish of the French

Magret, the favorite dish of the French

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It has dethroned the blanquette of veal in the ranking of the most popular dishes of the French *! Duck breast corresponds to new eating habits: it is authentic, healthy, easy to prepare and not too expensive.

A typical dish from the South-West, duck breast is made up of the pectoral muscle of a duck (or a goose) that has produced foie gras. Over the past 20 years, he has conquered the whole territory to become a regular at festive tables, dinner for two and Sunday lunches. Festive meat without being expensive, quick to cook on the barbecue, in the pan, in the oven or on the plancha, the duck breast remains relatively lean (190 calories / 100 g without the skin) and, under the aspect of red meat, present the nutritional qualities of poultry. So many reasons that explain its success.

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