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Grasses: trendy and decorative

Grasses: trendy and decorative

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Grasses have become the essentials of our contemporary gardens, they bring lightness, aesthetics and naturalness.

The grass is a “trendy” and very decorative plant.

Grasses: easy and decorative

Take advantage of this easy-care plant, with a 100% natural effect, to give a modern feel to your garden or your terrace.

If some plants were long forgotten in the constitution of beds, to decorate borders or to adorn pots on a terrace, grasses are now back!

For some time now, the desire for authenticity, naturalness and lightness has taken hold and at the same time, these luminous herbs give pride of place to our gardens and terraces.

Ultra easy maintenance

No need to talk about crops, fertilizers and other diseases, grasses are very easy to maintain.

They adapt perfectly to our climates and, for the most part, to the different types of soil.

You give a wild note to your garden where the light and the wind participate in the beauty of the plant.

The foliage evolves with the air and the changing light of a beautiful day.

The most beautiful grasses

Find here the grasses that will give your space an air of lightness, a touch of modernity and a 100% natural effect!

Smart tip about grasses

  • A mineral mulching will highlight the bright foliage of grasses.
  • The mulching prevents weeds from growing and maintains the moisture the plant needs.

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