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Quiche with porcini mushrooms

Quiche with porcini mushrooms

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Here is the delicious recipe for porcini quiche, easy and quick to make for a real gourmet pleasure.

Ingredients for 4 persons :

  • 1 shortcrust pastry roll
  • 400 g of porcini mushrooms
  • 160 g of duck gizzards confit
  • 16 strands of chive
  • 3 tbsp. tablespoon nut oil
  • 20 cl of fresh cream
  • 4 eggs
  • Fleur de sel, salt, pepper

Quiche with porcini mushrooms

Preheat the oven to 200 ° C (th.7).

- Wash the chives. Cut 8 strands into pieces.

- Clean the porcini mushrooms. Cut them into 4 to 8 pieces (depending on size).

- Cut the gizzards into pieces.

- In a pan, heat the walnut oil, sauté the mushrooms for a few minutes over high heat. Reserve.

- Break the eggs, place them in a salad bowl. Beat them into an omelet, incorporate the crème fraîche and chopped chives. Season.

- Place the shortcrust pastry in a pie mold (shape the edges to your liking), distribute the gizzards, porcini mushrooms and pour the contents of the salad bowl. Bake and cook for 30 minutes.

- Cut into equal parts, serve sprinkled with fleur de sel and garnished with chive sprigs!

Chef's BBA about the porcini quiche

- This recipe can be served with a salad of chewed up or from dandelion seasoned with walnut oil.

- The porcini can be kept for 24 hours in the refrigerator, place them without piling them in a cloth or a paper bag. They must breathe: the plastic bag is therefore strongly discouraged.

- This quiche, cut into small pieces, can also be served as an appetizer at the time of the aperitif.

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Recipe: T. Debéthune, Photo: C. Herlédan

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