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Zoom on grasses

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We only talk about them in trendy and modern gardens! Grasses are green plants, essential for the presentation of gardens, terraces and balconies.

They fill unoccupied spaces, brighten up a corner of shade, highlight the flowers that surround them, structure the garden in summer and winter, create movement and life because their aerial foliage ripples in the wind ...

Grasses are precious. Also, know how to recognize them and use them!

The Chinese reed

This dense, tight tuft of green leaves turns orange in the fall, then purple in the winter.

Its flowering is pink.

Also called miscanthus ‘Eulalie Brazil’, it is easy to live with and grows well both in the ground and in pots, in the sun.

There is also an Eulalie Cut One, more compact and small (0.50 m), perfect for use as a ground cover.

Its purple-cream bloom, from August to October, is particularly elegant.

The slender panicum 'Sangria'

Astonishing with its foliage (bright green at the base and dark red at the tips), it is a compact grass and particularly easy to grow, in sun or partial shade.

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The leiche 'Everillo'

The leiche is better known under the name of "sedge", and includes 1001 varieties! The foliage of Everillo ’is bright green / yellow: it is a plant that contrasts wonderfully with the dark green of a common boxwood. It lightens the decor. It flowers white in summer, and its evergreen foliage prefers shade and partial shade.

As for the leiche ‘Eversheen’, with its yellow foliage edged with green, it is at ease in any setting. The longer its leaves grow, the more graceful it becomes: it is particularly highlighted when placed above a low wall. It can also be used as a ground cover, rock garden or pot to lighten heavy compositions.

Finally, the leiche l Everlime ’, with a large habit and green leaves with a lemon’ edge, is a sure bet in the hotpot because it requires almost no maintenance. It flowers from March to April.

'Intense blue' fescue

It stands out for its intense blue foliage, especially if it is ideally placed in full sun and on draining soil. Pair with silver and white plants to complete the show.

Garden centers and nurserymen also offer astelia, blue oats, pennisetum and many more ... A whole world of magnificent greenery!

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