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Flowers galore with ornamental apple trees

Flowers galore with ornamental apple trees

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What could be more beautiful in the garden than the flowering of fruit trees? Along with ornamental apple trees, small spaces and home gardeners can also benefit.

Branches covered with pale pink to red flower buds opening onto hundreds of flowers, white, pink or red: the sumptuous flowering of fruit trees, pear trees to the cherry trees, is a highlight of spring for any gardener - and esthete - who respects himself. Resistant and easy-going, ornamental apple trees allow to enjoy this show without the constraints, sizes and treatments of their cousins apple trees.

As a bonus, in autumn they are adorned with shimmering colors and in winter, their fruits are the delight of birds: a real decor for the four seasons!

Easygoing ornamental apple tree

Rustic, the ornamental apple tree adapts to all good garden soils, even limestone, and can be planted in sun or partial shade. It is resistant to cold and pollution and does not require pruning, apart from a light cut from time to time to maintain and ventilate its figure. On the care side, straw in summer if it is hot and dry, and add a little fertilizer in spring.

Planting takes place in the fall. To promote fruiting, plant two different varieties.

Ornamental apple trees for small and large gardens

Small in size - 5 to 6 meters on average - the ornamental apple tree is well suited to small gardens, isolated, or fits into a bed or hedge. Different forms exist: bushy (like Malus sargentii, native to Japan), weeping (“Red Jade” or “Cheal's Weeping”) or dwarf, ideal for growing in a container on the balcony (Malus sargentii “Tina”, “Red Sentinel "). Developed by Inra, Malus "Evereste" Perpetu® and "Coccinella" Courtarou®, are among the varieties most resistant to cold and diseases.

Apples from ornamental apple trees are generally edible but tasteless. Rich in pectin, they can however be used to make jellies.

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