Black radish juice: excellent for your health

Black radish juice: excellent for your health

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Recognized for its medicinal properties, especially in the liver and gallbladder, black radish is a rich food that helps to heal or improve our health.

By regularly consuming black radish juice you tone your digestive system.

IIngredients for the black radish juice

  • 1 Black radish
  • Sugar
  • Health: benefits and virtues of black radish

Black radish juice recipe

Start by cleaning the black radish because we use the skin in the recipe.

  • Cut the black radish into thin slices
  • Weigh the black radish slices
  • Take the same amount of sugar as the weight of the black radish

On a plate,

  • Place a layer of black radish slices at the bottom
  • Cover a little sugar and repeat the operation until there is no more black radish
  • Leave to drain for 1 day
  • Pass the juice through a sieve so that only the liquid is collected
  • Store this juice in the refrigerator in a bottle

You should drink 2 tbsp / day of black radish juice.

Be careful of people with liver or gallbladder problems. If in doubt, don't.

Benefits of black radish juice

Black radish has many virtues but, among the main ones, here is what we can remember:

  • Cleanses and detoxifies the liver by acting on the gallbladder
  • It improves intestinal transit and acts on constipation
  • It has real effects on the quality of sleep

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