Mulching guide: mineral mulch

Mulching guide: mineral mulch

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Very decorative at the same time, mineral mulch is 100% natural.

This ultra trendy product is also an ideal answer to the problems of weeds and the need for water.

Do you find mineral mulch in garden centers?

YES, it is found in garden centers in different forms and, among the most common:

  • Schist
  • Pozzolana
  • The clay balls

It is suitable for all kinds of flower beds: Trees, shrubs, green or flowering plants, potted plants, indoor or outdoor.
It is particularly recommended for rock gardens, conifers and terraces.

The advantages of mineral mulch

  • 100% natural origin
  • Durable decoration and unlimited lifespan
  • Neutral ph
  • Limits the evaporation of water in summer and thereforewatering
  • Prevents the growth of weeds
  • Protects against winter frost

Smart tip about mineral mesh

The recommended thickness is 4/5 cm of mulch. Thus, you then guarantee all the advantages mentioned above!

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