Bulbs in clay and flooded soil

Bulbs in clay and flooded soil

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Bulbs need to be planted in light soil in order for them to grow properly.

However, some gardens have clay soil and are often flooded during the winter months.

Follow our tips for making your bulbs bloom in damp and often flooded soil:

Bulbs in clay and flooded soil

The risk for bulbs in this type of soil is to bathe in water for a long time.
They eventually rot and therefore do not allow the plant to develop and then flower.

Plant bulbs in clay soil

By improving soil drainage, you should be able to grow any bulbous plant.

  • First, dig a hole deeper than in light soil.
    We consider that you need a hole at least 20 cm deep.

  • At the bottom of the hole, spread a layer of gravel or clay balls about 5 cm thick.
    This will allow the water to flow to the bottom, not to stagnate.

  • Then fill, on the same surface, 5 cm of potting soil or soil mixed with sand

  • Arrange your bulbs

  • Complete with the same mixture as before.

  • Tamp lightly and top up again if necessary.

By following this technique, you are prepared for any bad weather that could flood your floor.
You will then have the great pleasure of seeing your flowers blooming in your garden.

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