Knotweed, presicaria, polygonum

Knotweed, presicaria, polygonum

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Last name : Persicaria affinis
Family : Polygonaceae
Type : Flower, perennial

: 20 to 30 cm
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade
Ground : Ordinary, humus

Flowering : June to October
: Persistent.

Planting knotweed

Knotweeds are planted from fall to spring, avoiding periods of frost.

Multiplication by division of the tuft in autumn.

Pruning, care of knotweed

Remove faded flowers as you go, this promotes the appearance of new flower buds.

But knotweed grows very well without maintenance, it reseeds itself on its own and can even sometimes become invasive ...

To know about knotweed, presicaria, polygonum

Lovely little perennial, it perfectly lines borders, rockeries but also the foot of trees and shrubs.

It blooms generously from early summer until fall, while some varieties are considered invasive because of their rapid development.

All species bloom in shades of red, purple and pink, but their dimensions can be very variable, ranging from a few centimeters to almost 1.5 m

Smart tip about knotweed

Dwarf varieties of Persicaria can be planted as a “ground cover”, so they are remarkable.

Video: Persicaria maculosa syn. Polygonum persicaria (July 2022).


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