Phoenix: a very beautiful palm tree

Phoenix: a very beautiful palm tree

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The phoenix is ​​one of the most common palms in our climates although it does not grow as tall as in its region of origin, Africa.

Often grown in pots, it can also be planted in the ground if the region allows it.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Phoenix canriensis
Family : Palmae or Aracaceae
Type : Palm tree, tree

: Up to 20 m
Weather : warm to temperate
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade

Interview : No
Ordinary but well drained
: Persistent

Planting the phoenix palm

Choose a sunny place at least half the day, it will withstand the spray as well as a little shade, but be sure to protect from strong winds on the Atlantic coast.

Plant it in a mixture ideally composed of sand, potting soil and topsoil in equal proportions.

  • For the planting technique, here are our tips

Watering the phoenix palm

Watering is important, especially when the weather is hot and it doesn't rain for a long time

  • Water abundantly at the beginning, especially in summer
  • Be careful not to flood the roots.
  • In the following years, water regularly, always taking care to save water .

To know about the phoenix

The Phoenix canariensis is one of the most common palms due to its purely aesthetic characteristics.

It supports both drought, cold and the wide variety of soils that make up our territory.

It is mainly found on the French Riviera.

It is a tall, tall palm tree that grows quite quickly when given enough water.

With global warming helping and without taking too much risk, it is quite possible to grow this palm on the Atlantic coast, from Biarritz to Brittany.

Phoenix size

No pruning is necessary, but the palms that turn yellow or dry out should be removed.

Smart tip about the phoenix

If you want it to grow quickly, make sure the soil is never too dry in summer.

But above all, water in the evening so that it takes full advantage of all its water before it evaporates ...

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